Frequently Asked Questions

At Video Creatures, We offer seamless service and accurate information for our clients. There are many people who ask common questions about our services, process, payments and deployment. Most of them are answers from below.

If you are an active vlogger on digital platform, It will surely get you returns. There are many vloggers who fail to produce video content systematically due to additional efforts put on post processing  the video. Which consume lots of time and efforts. We at Video creatures, will take the responsibility of your video making in affordable range. Therefore, you shall mainly focus on producing more relevant content to your audience. This will improve your returns.

Firstly, you need to be part of Video Creatures by subscribing into any of our channel. Then provide us basic information. Your Name, email and Phone number would be enough. Our Relationship manager will connect with you and gather all the required information that will support to start the process.

As a starting point, We assign a relationship manager to guide you. However, going forward, you can simply follow a template with your key inputs. All the basic and necessary information like Logo, Own photographs, high-lights of the vlog, Other particulars about pausing, sensor information, and critical unwanted log needs to be provided.

We recommend you to send your Video, Audio and Document formats to support all the systems and devices. Some of the popular and recommended file formats are mentioned below.

Video: mp4, mov, avi and mpeg
Audio: mp3, wav and wma
Graphics: PNG, JPG, PSD, AI and PDF
Documents: Notepad, PDF, MS-excel and word.

Avoid any rare, achieved, compressed and protected file formats which causes delay in the process.

You can chose any tool or platform for your convenience. Your footage should be available for minimum one week  on hosted server. You can chose free or paid tools like we-transfer, google-drive, dropbox or other FTP locations. The only criteria is your content should not be restricted or slow in accessing.

Once you upload the files, you can email us the downloadable links.

You can avail our services without connecting an RM. A relationship manager will be anyways monitor your account. If you are clear with the objective and requirements, you can directly upload your footage links on our website including clear instructions.
We will complete your request in the given timeline and deploy your videos.

As per your video service package, we will support on creating relevant art work, graphics and music to your video.
If you are very specific in terms of requirements, you will need to provide us the footage or reference links and samples. Our production team will bring our services to meet  close to your expectations.

We generally keep the backup of your file copies for a maximum of 3 months. After that, your files might be terminated. If you chose for a yearly subscription, your back up will be maintained for longer period.

We usually supply finished videos in the *.mp4 format with H264 codec. Which is supported by all the latest channels and mediums without any issues.

We supply the videos in the same dimension that you provide us. Usually they are, Full HD (1920X1080) or Half HD (1280X720).

We will support most of the language scripts to your videos. However, the translation need to be done by you and send us the google script. The font styles could also be limited as per the script and tools availability.

You have many options to pay the invoices. UPI, Master, Visa and Net-banking etc.. Our relationship manager will guide you on payment terms. Or you can pay when you select a video package.

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