Odds of becoming a famous YouTuber

3 reasons why YouTubers and their channel does not succeed

A couple of years ago, if people had written their profession was being a “YouTuber”, everyone would have laughed. Such people who created videos on YouTube for a living would not be taken seriously. But times have changed. Creating videos for a specific set of audiences and earning money is now possible. Several video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc., have turned dreams into realities.

Nevertheless, there is a downside to this profession too. These days, you will not find just one but actually millions of video creators. The idea is to gain fame, earn a decent amount of money, and ensure that their channel keeps growing. However, here are a few mistakes that could hinder this success:

  1. Lack of consistency:
    Creating one video in two weeks or even a month is never the solution. And neither is publishing daily videos because that is exhausting and will not help at all. Shooting and uploading just 8-10 videos in 6 months will not help you gain subscribers. The key lies in consistency where you produce videos on a regular basis and create a timeline for the same.
  2. Burning out:
    Being a new YouTuber means you have set impossible deadlines for yourself. Creating a lot of content right at the beginning means an end of creativity for the next couple of months. With the vision of daily uploads and to earn fame instantly, it is quite natural that new video creators will tire themselves out.
  3. Less practice, little results:
    Creating videos and uploading them is not the only job for YouTubers. You also have to wear the hats of an editor, writer, content strategist, marketer, designer, producer, writer, planner, etc. It is obvious that your skills might be super strong in some fields and not that great in a few others. The failure happens when one begins to multitask and does not practice often, which could result in a poor video quality.

The answer also lies in seeking inspiration from already established YouTube channels. Focusing on one particular skill is not the idea, but if you keep practicing in the areas you think might be lacking, then it could actually work wonders for you! For instance, you could be a great writer or speaker, and your presentation skills might be fantastic...but you cannot make good thumbnails that will attract the viewer’s attention. Hence, focusing and practicing on making appealing thumbnails that increase engagement would be helpful.

In case, if video-editing is not your strong point then you can always outsource the same. Taking the help of professional video editing platforms will provide your content with a professional appearance and tone. It will further result in increased engagement, your subscriber count will also rise!

A major cause of the failure of rising YouTubers is also the lack of patience. Expecting immediate results within seconds of uploading a new video is not ideal. Practice and patience are among the two keys to success. Also essential is creating the right content and understanding your audience. Bringing in variety and creativity to videos will boost your career as a YouTuber along with providing much-needed job satisfaction.


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